Howdy reader,welcome to,I am posting on how to get more traffics to your blog using the social media.

Most often,bloggers do ask me how they can get more traffic to their blog and also earn money from it.But,I will be focusing on how to get traffics to your blog using Facebook.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook

Facebook remains the largest source of blog traffic after search engines to most blogs.And if you are a blogger and you are yet to start harnessing power of Facebook traffic,then I think is high time you get started.
To increase your blog traffic with Facebook,do the following:

1. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best places to get targeted facebook traffic to your blog or website.All you need to do is to join groups that are related to your blog or website niche and then share the link to your blog posts on such groups.It is recommended to share a minimum of 3 posts per day as not to offend the groups members as you may be labelled as spammer.So ensure you go through the discussions on such groups and provide relevant links as at when due.

For example,let’s say you have an online money tips blog or websites,all you need to do to get traffic from facebook is to join a groups on facebook that are related mainly to online money tips,and then,share the links to your blog post.

One of the problems most people face with facebook groups is that they find it too laborious to post on lots of facebook groups,but with Auto Porter,you can easily schedule and share your posts on facebook groups.

2. Create A Facebook Page

If you are one of those that thinks getting facebook traffic from groups is very tedious,then I think,you should create a facebook fan page and then share the link to your blog post on your fan page.
You should ensure that the name of your facebook fan page portrays the main theme of your blog.If your blog is about GSM TECHNOLOGY,your page should also be GSM TECHNOLOGY.This will assist you to get search engine traffic to your page and also free traffic to your page from facebook search.More also,you should also make use of facebook ads to get a huge fan base thereby assisting you in getting traffic to your website or blog also.
You can also make use of facebook post boost to get more views to your post updates.

3. Facebook Ads

With Facebook ads,you can get unlimued targeted blog traffic to your website or blog.

Do you have any contrary opinion(s) to any of the points listed above?Kindly use the comment box below.I love hearing from you.


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