NEW – Get Free 50 Mb On Your MTN SIM Now

MTN, one of the Nigerian Telecommunication Network, is at it again. Most Nigerians tag MTN as one of the stingy networks in Nigeria. So I have come with another one; and it is How To Get 50 Mb from MTN on Every Recharge For FREE.

MTN's Free 50 Mb

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This tweak was seen online and I thought it would be of help to you reading this now; and that was why I decided sharing it. But before that lets look into its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. It selects SIM; meaning it won’t work on all SIM cards;
  2. It only lasts for a week.


  1. It works on some selected SIMs;
  2. It is free of charge, which means you pay nothing for the 50 Mb if it worked for you.


So simple, just follow the outlined steps below:


  1. Get an MTN SIM inserted into your phone;
  2. Dail * 1 4 2 * 3 * 3 # ;
  3. Send/Call

And thats all, start enjoying it while it last.


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