Freestyler99 stands out among Nigerian blogs not only for its wonderful design,simplicity and easy navigation but for its loaded,rich,priceless and unique contents.

Freestyler99 serve as a platform or medium to educate and enlighten readers like you on computer,internet,science and tech related informations.

The idea of Freestyler99 was concieved and built by Eunit99,the C.E.O. of this great blog,a seasoned wapdesigner,web security expert.

After much consideration,scrutination and deliberation,Freestyler99 was launched on the 20th of October,2014.

Since the inception of Freestyler99 ,it has been providing immense and un-quantifiable help and services to the Nigerian society and beyond by keeping them abreast of the latest happenings in free browsing technology,science and tech,entertainment,news,and unlimited free mobile contents for mobile phones,blackberry,ipads,laptops,e.t.c.

Freestyler99 exist on its own,it is not financed by any body,government organisations or individuals.
It exists base on the funds the C.E.O. invests on it!

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